What are the benefits of CBD candles?

What are the benefits of CBD candles?

You are probably already aware of all of the health and well-being benefits of CBD - if you're not, you can read our blog for further information.

Our candles have been infused with CBD, the non-psychoactive component found in the Cannabis plant. This means that you get all of the health and therapeutic benefits that CBD offers, without the unwanted high. CBD candles are a great option if you are new to CBD and you want to try CBD without having to ingest, inhale or use directly on the skin in balm format.

Only completely natural products and the highest quality of CBD oil have been used to lovingly hand make our hemp-infused candles. All of the candles sold on this website are completely Vegan friendly, and have extracts of 5% strength CBD oil.

Our range of CBD candles have been hand-blended with a carefully selected range of scents to create a calming atmosphere that will help alleviate anxiety and depression symptoms, aid in relaxation and improve your sleep. Each of the candles in the CBD Candle Co. range provide different health and well-being benefits: 

CBD Infused Candle - Lavender 

A soothing, relaxing scent to purify the body and mind. Perfect for creating a relaxing haven in your home. Will aid in relaxation and help you get a better night’s sleep. Click to shop.

CBD Infused Candle - Lemongrass & White Patchouli

A perfect blend of a clean, crisp aroma of lemongrass combined with the musky, woody and earthy tones from the Patchouli to create this light, refreshing, relaxing and balancing candle. The overall effect of this exotic fragrance is to purify, energise and refresh. Great for an energy boost and overpowering feelings of nervousness or eliminating mental fatigue, combining the Patchouli notes that help ground you and balance the body and mind. Click to shop.

CBD Infused Candle - Nag Champa

A fragrance of Indian origin, Nag Champa is a sweet, slightly woody, warming, calming scent. A bestseller due to it’s calming effect, making it perfect for spiritual matters. Nag Champa will help with anxiety and dispel stress, opening access to a deeper meditative state. Click to shop.

CBD Infused Candle - Sandalwood

Distinct soft, smooth, warm, musky, woody tones. Transform the atmosphere of your home with this luxury and decadent fragrance. Improves sleep and helps relieve symptoms of anxiety. Click to shop.

CBD Infused Candle - Neroli

Produced from the blossom of the bitter orange tree, this multifaceted scent boasts a crisp and 'citrusy' layer, but also with a heady floral side. Known for its power to revive and balance the mind and body, the sweet and honey-like notes of Neroli makes it the perfect option for relaxing and calming nerves. Click to shop.

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