CBD Infused Candles

Our range of CBD-infused candle help you relax, unwind, improve sleep and calm anxiety.

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Why CBD Candles

Our hemp candles have been infused with CBD, the non-psychoactive component found in the Cannabis plant. This means that you get all of the therapeutic benefits that CBD offers, without the unwanted high. CBD candles are a great option if you are new to CBD, and you want to try CBD without having to ingest or use directly on the skin in balm format.

Relax, unwind, uplift

Our range of CBD-infused candles have been carefully blended with a specially selected range of scents, proven to help you relax, unwind, improve sleep and calm anxiety.

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Our CBD Candles

20mg of CBD

Each candle contains 20mg of premium grade CBD Oil and are THC free.

45 hours burn time

Expect up to 45 hours burn time from our CBD candles.

All natural ingredients

We use all-natural wax, CBD, hemp oil, essential oils, cotton wick. Vegan friendly.

Calming scents

All of our scents have been specifically selected for their welbeing and holistic benefits.

Eco friendly

All of our packaging is created from recycled materials.

"The subtle aromas make the whole house feel much calmer and help me unwind at the end of the day."

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