The CBD Candle Co.'s - Aim To Sustain

The CBD Candle Co.'s - Aim To Sustain

Sustainability in its broadest sense, is the capacity to endure and to maintain a process or situation over time. Thankfully, it is a growing priority to businesses, with many companies now actively integrating sustainable principles into their organisations. It goes without saying, that everyone one of the team here at the CBD Candle Company is passionate about doing their bit in ensuring that we reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible. With a strong agricultural and geographical background prior to our newfound CBD venture, we are highly conscious that it is our responsibility to make our product as sustainable as we possibly can. It is something that is and will remain a large part of our product, and something we will continue to strive for.

Within our increasingly globalised world, Carbon Footprints are of seriously high concern, especially in terms of importing and exporting on an international basis. To curb our impact and contribution to the frightening statistics our candles are handmade by a small independent supplier, within the UK. This ensures that our footprint remains at a minimum. Our entire range of CBD Infused Scented Candles are created from the highest quality CBD oils and made up of completely natural products. Furthermore, the fact they are vegan friendly gives you, as a customer, reassurance that you are buying products that do not contain any animal-derived raw materials - therefore not contributing to any potential harm.

Forgive me, for it is about to get extremely boring. That is unless you’re one of those individuals who have developed a bizarre preoccupation for packing…

The boxes we use are made up of a single wall rather than a more standard, double wall of cardboard. Due to a technique called corrugated fluting which is used to reinforce a single wall, they remain as strong as double walled cardboard boxes but use less resources within their creation process. This means we do not compromise on the safety of our product whilst in transit and utilise more sustainable measures, the best of both worlds, right?  They are 100% recyclable and made up of 100% recycled material, all wrapped with eco-friendly packaging paper tape which again is another perfect alternative to plastic.

We must pay homage to our packaging alternatives. Our current breakage number stands at a mere one candle, we can only imagine what happened to our little wax warrior - perhaps that specific courier plays on right, in the back of the Van’s five-a-side team? He’s definitely not in net, not with those unsafe hands.

Packaging this, packaging that! Sorry ‘Gaffa’... Stay with me there isn’t long to go. Instead of using ‘Trubble wrap’ as the form of primary protection within our boxes, we have opted for paper. More specifically a Geami Brown Paper. This paper is scratch resistant and specially designed with thousands of horizontal slits allowing it to be expanded into a three-dimensional honeycomb structure. This allows for the wrapping to become shock absorbent also, both of which are highly desirable qualities when transporting fragile items such as our CBD candles. In order to reduce that last, little bit of jiggle room, we use a biodegradable shredded paper along with a Geami White Tissue Paper to fill those extra nooks, this too is 100% recyclable and biodegradable; bless you.

Plastic consumption is at an all-time high and with sustainable forms packaging available, it went without question that these eco-friendly, organic alternatives were a must. During a time in which eCommerce tends to over egg the packaging pudding, it is becoming increasingly important to move away from the ‘boxes in boxes in boxes’ approach. The CBD Candle Company do not want to use unnecessary packaging, instead we aim to deliver with as much of a sustainable and minimalistic approach as possible. Why not let the product do the talking?

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