CBD's Positive Impact on Muscle Recovery

CBD's Positive Impact on Muscle Recovery

After completing a workout session, your body is in a state of accelerated breakdown; better known as oxidation or oxidative breakdown. Whilst this is highly important to the process of muscle rebuilding, a certain amount of control can be given to this process. CBD displays anti-oxidative actions on the body and brain that can set the stage for enhanced anabolism or muscle generation.

Inflammation is a normal biological response to stress, either physical or of psychological origin. Now whilst it is an important coping mechanism, it still takes a toll on your body- accelerating aging and related degeneration in many other areas.

When it comes to your muscles and recovery, excessive inflammation will slow how fast you and your body can recover and potentially cause prolonged DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) unnecessarily. This isn’t conducive to maintain a high intensity program, so anything that supports reducing the inflammatory load on your body will assist you in meeting your goals.

While post-workout pain has a large inflammatory component, pain can be of an intractable nature or as a result of micro traumatic injuries stemming from the mechanical forces of load bearing - a prime example being knee pain. CBD is very effective for helping to manage a range of pain conditions and can be used orally or topically and even be inhaled, hence the CBD candle.

Within the gym environment, arguably the two most important determinants of the success you experience involve a healthy balanced diet and the correct amount of sleep. Struggles with insomnia are common within this area, potentially owed to medical conditions and stimulant use, specifically those that give you wings. CBD may offer an answer for these commonly occurring issues due to its anti-anxiety actions and it is also much safer than prescription sleep medication which can have undesirable side effects such as tight chests and drowsiness, of which I have suffered. The combined anxiolytic and cortisol reducing action of CBD makes it especially useful for helping you get the sleep necessary to promote recovery. These factors when combined, make CBD a potential component of an individual’s future workout regime.

As a sufferer of congenital myopathy, a full body muscle weakness that leaves me contrived to an electric wheelchair on a full-time basis, swimming is a key part of maintaining range of movement and a certain level of fitness. Due to the condition, my muscle regeneration is highly limited and if they are overextended during exercise it can lead to long-term muscle loss. Therefore, it is highly important for me as an individual to make the recovery after exercise as seamless and as beneficial as possible. The CBD candle offers a calming effect and immediately aids with my personal recovery process.

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