Easy Ways To Live Well

Easy Ways To Live Well

CBD is clearly becoming more mainstream than ever, an episode of ‘Easy Ways to Live Well’ that aired on BBC 1 during February, included a segment referring to CBD’S newfound benefits and its increasing use within day to day lives. As coined on the show, the premise was simple – separating the top tips from the phony fixes. After trawling through copious amounts of both testimonial and scientific evidence, I was never in doubt on where CBD would be positioned between the two options. With that being said, I was slightly relieved when it was eventually termed a ‘top tip’ a whole 50 minutes later. Having to wade through some ridiculous ‘Ways to Live Well’ was a fairly arduous task… Thankfully, watching a team of police telephone responders bounce on exercise balls whilst taking what you would deem as somewhat important calls took the sting out of waiting. 

My commitment to the “research” did begin to dwindle throughout the programme. Scenes of a large lady, headset sporting, leaning back on an ergonomic chair whilst pedalling an office foot worker, as though Chitty Chitty had taken a seriously wrong turn, did make me question my usage of time; the only thing lacking was an umbrella and propeller sticking out of her backside. Still, despite all the unmissable action, I was reassured when even Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall provided a positive book-ender to CBD’s segment of the show.  

The BBC’s experiment within the programme took three individuals, two female and one male, all with sleeping difficulties or insomnia. Over a three-week trial period each candidate took five droplets of CBD from a tincture and applied it under their tongue before bed every night. Over the course of the three-week period the results were nothing but positive:

“the first night I took CBD I had one of the best nights sleep I’ve had in a long time!”
“one thing I’ve noticed is that it is easier to fall asleep”
“as soon as I started taking CBD, I noticed that I was a lot more relaxed and fell asleep a lot quicker”


After testing, it was reported that two of the candidates showed sleep quality improvements of a whole 15% through the three weeks. Professor Phillip McGuire from King's College London, who appeared in the programme said CBD is “one of the most exciting new medicines in mental health”. The highly flexible nature of CBD and the diverse ways of delivering the benefits to the consumer is something that we as The CBD Candle Company have really embraced.  Evidence such as this only furthers our passion for CBD and our product. As a company we have channelled our efforts in utilising CBD within aromatherapy in the form of our bespoke CBD Infused Scented Candles. We offer a very honest and a non-invasive approach for those who are interested in using CBD products and exposing themselves to the large array of potential benefits, like the three candidates on ‘Easy Ways to Live Well’.

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