‘Coronaphobia’ and how the CBD Candle Co. can help

It goes without saying that recent times have been extremely tricky for a lot of people, walking upon vastly unknown ground and having to change our behaviours within the click of a finger has been uncomfortable to say the least. The inability to see loved ones, friends and family is something which can take its toll on any one of us and simultaneously impact our mental health; we are hugely sentient beings after all and being social is a huge part of our existence. 

Agoraphobia is a fear of being in situations where escape might be difficult or that help is not available when something goes wrong. Lots assume it is also a fear of open spaces, but in fact it can materialise into many different forms and to highly varying extents. Circumstances such as travelling on public transport, visiting a shopping centre, and one that is now most important to mention, leaving home, are all common areas where this form of anxiety can occur. 

Recently, we have moved away from what were menial and routine tasks such as those above, to them now being filled with caution and wariness. For a lot of people who are at high risk, such as myself, it has made the prospect of leaving home all the more unnerving. Stephen Buckley, of the mental health charity Mind, said: “We know that the Coronavirus and its impact are causing stress and worry for many people. If you already have a mental health problem, it’s possible that the worries of Coronavirus may be affecting how you’re coping.” The amount of unknowns surrounding the issue is one that for people I know, both friends and family, as the main cause of apprehension, or the aptly coined term ‘Coronaphobia’.

Furthermore, a recently published YouGov survey showed that 46 per cent of Brits were fearful about sitting in the barber’s chair and getting a trim; shopping for clothes on the high street once lockdown had concluded was also something they were fearful of. In addition, just under 60 per cent said that going back to restaurants and coffee shops would make them “uncomfortable”. 

Whilst these are unprecedented times and far from ideal. It is important that we remain aware of changes and developments affecting our lives, whilst simultaneously avoiding as much doom and gloom as possible. Finding ways of making ourselves as physically and mentally happy are required more than ever. 

A huge array of weird and wonderful techniques have come to fruition within the lockdown community; whether that be splitting hairs over banana bread, exercise routines in homemade gyms, or even quizzing - which has started to get long in the tooth. We like to think our CBD Infused Scented candles can be utilised as another means of maintaining mental well-being during this testing period. Burning them whilst baking or after a workout session can make the stress relieving processes that people are applying all that more effective.  

At the end of 2019, it was reported we were spending an average of 59 minutes of our day commuting to and from the office. This is a figure that could potentially become a thing of the past with statistics released by the UK's Office for National Statistics April 2020, showing 49.2% of adults in employment were working from home in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. If a large proportion of this number can continue in the same vein, then there is an opportunity for those who are caught in the rat race to take a must needed pit stop and not fight the highly stressful commuter battle.

Of which there are no winners…

Whether your now quite unusual shopping experience has raised levels of stress, whether you’ve had a difficult day at work or just wanting a moment's peace and quiet. Our CBD Infused Scented candle can make those ever-important periods of downtime, all the more beneficial and relaxing for you.